Top Leaders For The Month Of (March 2019)

Champion REX TAN
+6590270155 R018251Z
1st Runner-Up WILLIAM HENG
+6591900545 R007578J
Champion RYAN CHOY
6581275259 R018322B
1st Runner-Up DESMOND NG
6591808883 R007711B Understand the needs of our customers... put customers at the heart of everything we do...
2nd Runner-Up JULYNN NGIAM
6590906999 R028507F
+6583838310 R017801F
1st Runner-Up FENDY LEE
+6593885825 R018080J Rivertrees Residences FOC Tagger 93885825
2nd Runner-Up ADRIAN WEE
6597555202 R013371C
4th Position JEREMY LIM
6588581212 R017809A Specialises in resale HDB, private properties and new launches. Invesment properties or own stay with capital appreciation and high rental yield
5th Position CASEY LIM
+6590662844 R008311B
Champion COLIN NG
6596886364 R007717A
1st Runner-Up HUGO XU
+6594242626 R017343Z "A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him." - David Brinkley
2nd Runner-Up TONY TEO
6591518836 R043002E Recommended High Rental Yield Properties!

CAMBODIA - First Mover Advantage in Frontier Economy
Cambodia Shops for Sale at THE BRIDGE - Guaranteed Rental Returns of 70% over 10 years by Singapore public listed developer Oxley!
The Bridge Cambodia by Oxley - Guaranteed Rental Return of 39%* over 6 years!
The Peak Cambodia by Oxley - super prime location with the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel next door!

Ideo Mobi Asoke by Ananda - First Worldwide Launch in Singapore ahead of Bangkok! Prime location next to Phetchaburi MRT & Massakan Airport Rail Link (ARL) station, 1 stop from Asoke BTS / Terminal 21 shopping mall

Royal Wharf London by Ballymore - Expected 50% capital appreciation by 2018 after Crossrail completion (The Business Times, April 2015)

CituNQ Manchester - Invest in Luxury Apartments at the Heart of UK's 2nd Largest City

Marine Wharf East by Galliard Homes - Zone 2 London apartments near Canary Wharf CBD

The Luxe KL - Own from just S$20K cash & 80% loan!

Suasana Iskandar by UM Land - From only S$255K next to Komtar & CIQ

Collins House Melbourne - Only 10% cash to own! In Melbourne CBD & famous Collins Street shopping street with High Potential Upside

Victoria One Melbourne - Only 10% cash to own! Near Melbourne CBD & renowned universites RMIT & Melbourne Uni

About Tony Teo (+65-91518836)
Huttons #1 Top Achiever 2015 / #2 Top Achiever 2016
Huttons Champion #1 Producer for International Project Sales 2016 / 2015 / 2014
Huttons #1 Top Division Director 2016
Huttons #6 Top Producer Overall Project Sales 2016
Huttons #2 Top Producer Overall Project Sales 2015
Huttons #15 Top Producer Overall Project Sales 2014
Huttons Most Outstanding Leader 2014
Huttons Most Inspiring Man 2013

4th Position DAVE CHOY
6581232998 R017753B
5th Position DANIEL LIM
6593889900 R007439C
6th Position FARIS ROSLI
+6590922701 R018771F
7th Position LAWRENCE SEE
+6593500007 R049755C
8th Position SHERLYN GOH
+6590488288 R009412B
9th Position PATRICK LOW
+6597428935 R019722C
United Kingdom:
Local Projects
  • Parc Botannia at Fernvale Road - The last mega blockbuster new launch for 2017
  • Carpmael 38 - A Freehold boutique development in highly sought after district 15
Hot Launches: TOP / TOP Soon:
  • New Futura - TOP obtained. The most luxurious freehold new launch in District 9
  • Forte Suites - TOP obtained with Guaranteed Rental Returns
  • Gramercy Park - Award winning luxury development in District 10, Grange Road
  • Mon Jervois - Deferred Payment Scheme available with ABSD absorption 
  • Alex Residences - Only development in District 3 with unblock MBS and City Skyline view
  • Sophia Hills - Best price and most affordable new launch in District 9
 Visit my New Launch portal for more projects
10th Position JESSICA TAN S H
6591765656 R007083E
Champion KENT CHOO
6584997233 R045944I
1st Runner-Up DAVID NG
6583338666 R007443A
2nd Runner-Up JACOB CHUA
+6597973033 R007109B
4th Position JUSTIN QUEK
+6594244441 R032222B
5th Position ERNEST TAY
+6591135055 R053562E
6th Position VINCENT YIN
+6591051213 R004761B
7th Position JAE LIM
+6581608668 R042944B
8th Position SPENCER TAN
6597739157 R008383Z
9th Position NICOLE WU
+6598440992 R011935D
10th Position STANLEY TAN
6591066655 R007520I
Top Project (Local)
Champion STAN LEE
+6596460337 R029863A
1st Runner-Up PEH JEREMY
+6594558644 R019417H
2nd Runner-Up ANDY HUANG
6596641957 R055691F
4th Position VARIEN THANG
+6590019636 R060433C
5th Position ALICIA XU
+6584844777 R014519C
6th Position LINDA LOH
+6591154800 R007880A
7th Position ANGIE SIM
6591144548 R048097I
8th Position JESSICA LOH
+6593272699 R058074D
9th Position ANGELA LEE
+6581831244 R017467C
10th Position JUDY CHONG
+6591441139 R056295I
11th Position JOEL WONG
+6592335425 R041660Z
12th Position ERNEST TAY
+6591135055 R053562E
13th Position IRENE HO
+6583239068 R057434E
14th Position LINA TAN
+6596360454 R018992A
15th Position LAWRENCE SEE
+6593500007 R049755C
16th Position BELINDA TAN
+6596306984 R005312D
17th Position PATRICIA CHUA
6590099392 R025354I
18th Position JENNY LEE
+6590937983 R011594D
19th Position KELLY TAN
6590610030 R008344I
20th Position FOO MEI TING
6598238335 R007692B
21st Position ROY CHAN
+6592788885 R007431H
22nd Position YEE HOCK BOON
+6587222278 R045038G
23rd Position FRANCIS LIAU
6598184107 R000313E
24th Position LYNNET YEO
6597666674 R028577G
25th Position ONG KENG WEE
+6596644008 R049305A
26th Position JESSE LEOW
+6596982202 R014134A
27th Position BREN SOON
28th Position GAN MOLLY
6597844878 R017025B
29th Position STEPHANIE ONG
+6590210444 R059105C
30th Position MISTER BOON
6586868989 R007684A
Top Resale / Rental
+6592292232 R008045H
1st Runner-Up DAVIN SAMUEL
+6598620769 R008423B
2nd Runner-Up MICHELLE GOH
+6596567255 R018560H
4th Position JENNIFER TAN
6598222322 R007756B
5th Position JEROME SUN
+6591507697 R051450D
6th Position DESMOND NG
6591808883 R007711B Understand the needs of our customers... put customers at the heart of everything we do...
7th Position EILEEN LIM
+6596320900 R018886J
8th Position YEO SHAN QI
+6591194806 R058200C
9th Position PEGGY OOI
6596160684 R008207H
10th Position SERENA YEO
+6596249977 R032497G Buy Sell Rent invest Manage Secretariat
11th Position JENA CHIM
+6597536919 R012495A
12th Position MARGARET TAN P. L.
6593396852 R008221C
13th Position KELLY KAY
+6581261516 R002630E
14th Position JAESON LIN
+6586155777 R058073F
15th Position ALLAN FOO
+6591198869 R048273D
16th Position LISA SAW
6598335097 R040954I
17th Position Chloe Yap
6591000904 R055291J
18th Position JAMES YEO
+6586880009 R051864Z
19th Position DANIEL P.B.
+6598006804 R018169F
20th Position DANIEL LIM
6584816969 R018460A
21st Position EMILY YANG
+6597904884 R006954C
22nd Position BRYAN
6591004178 R055771H
23rd Position LINDA LOH
+6591154800 R007880A
24th Position JEREME PUNG
+6584810331 R056138C
25th Position CHRISTINE LAI
6592777077 R012818C
26th Position EILEEN TAN
+6594745590 R047617C
27th Position EMILY TAN
+6596643111 R042677Z
28th Position DERRICK TAN
6597881818 R031483A
29th Position JESMOND LEE
+6596911629 R007855J
30th Position VALERIE
+6597681338 R027752I
Top Project (International)
Champion MYA TEO
+6596860568 R057930D
1st Runner-Up VINCE SIOW
+6582019682 R058737D
2nd Runner-Up DAPHNE GUI
+6583330089 R012913I
5th Position CATHERINE EA
6583668799 R048077D Most Exciting Investment Opportunities!!
High Rental Yield Overseas Properties

The Bridge Cambodia - Guaranteed 70% Rental Yield over 10 years! Mixed development -The Bridge Oxley @ Phnom Penh by Oxley Singapore!
The Peak Cambodia @ Phnom Penh by Oxley Singapore! Luxurious High Rise Apartment in Phnom Penh
The Gateway Cambodia @ Grade A office in Cambodia CBD Phnom Penh

De La Sol Vietnam - Vietnam Condo by CapitaLand in District 4 HCMC, only from USD1xxk!
The View Riviera Point Vietnam - Vietnam Condo by Keppel Land only from S$1xxk!
D1mension HCMC - Vietnam HCMC Condo by Capitaland Land with Rental Guaranteed up to 8%, 2BR from USD3xxk!
Vista Verde Vietnam - Vietnam Condo by Capitaland only from S$1xxk!
Seasons Avenue Hanoi Hanoi condo near to Hanoi CBD by Capitaland !

Ashton Asoke Rama 9 Bangkok Condo in New CBD near to Rama 9 MRT station from $3xxk
Life Sukhumvit 62 Bangkok Condo near to BangChak Bts, only from S$1xxk!
Ideo Q Sukhumvit 36 Bangkok Condo near to Thonglor MRT from $2xxk!
Life Asoke Rama 9 - Bangkok Condo in New CBD, 300m from Rama 9 MRT, only from S$1xxk!
Ideo Mobi Asoke - Bangkok Condo in between 2 CBD only from S$1xxk!
Ashton Silom Bangkok - Bangkok Condo in CBD only from S$2xxk!

United Kingdom
Mariners quarter london - Invest in London apartment near to upcoming Crossrail only from £700psf
Mariners quarter London - Invest in London apartment near to upcoming Crossrail only from £700psf
Royal Wharf London- Highly Anticipated Phase 2 Launch by Oxley
Marine Wharf East London- London Apartment in Zone 2 near Tube station from only £4xxk
Burlington Square Manchester - Enjoy High 7% Rental Yield in Manchester Corridor only from £12xk
New Liverpool Property for sale in Liverpool CBD, 21% Net Assured Rent over 3 years, Only From GBP 99k!

The Luxe KL - Freehold Condo near KLCC - Singapore Listed Developer
a href=> So Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Residences - World’s First So Sofitel Branded Residences, next to Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC by Singapore Listed Developer. Tallest 78 Storeys Residential integrated with hotels, offices and retail podium
Oxley Towers KLCC - Freehold Mixed development with Grade A Office, Hotel, & Residential near KLCC - Singapore Listed Developer
- Freehold Iskandar Condo near custom by UMLand

Princess Cove - Freehold Iskandar Condo near custom

Collins House Melbourne - Near Melbourne CBD. High Potential Upside. Only 10% upfront.

LakeVille Jurong - Lakeview Condo near Lakeside MRT
Lake Grande Jurong - Lakeview Condo near Lakeside MRT
Coco Palms Pasir Ris - New Launched condo by CDL near Pasir Ris MRT
Rivertrees Residences Sengkang - RiverView Condo near Seletar Mall
6th Position JAKE HOR
+6592993279 R052120I
7th Position GERALDINE
+6596754335 R018986G
8th Position ADRIAN WEE
6597555202 R013371C
9th Position JESSICA LOH
+6593272699 R058074D
10th Position ALAN MOK
6590272297 R055769F Creating Wealth from Properties - Finding the Best Investment Properties! High Rental Yield Properties! CAMBODIA BANGKOK, THAILAND MALAYSIA
  • The Luxe KL - Own a Freehold Residential Unit within KLCC from just S$15K downpayment!
  • Oxley Towers KLCC Signature Office - Rare Freehold Commercial Offices for Sale in close proximity to the iconic Petronas Twin Tower, integrated with 5 star Hotels and Service Residences
  • Oxley Towers KLCC Residences - SO Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Residences in close proximity to the iconic Petronas Twin Tower, integrated with 5 star Hotels and Service Residences
Top Project Assist (Local)
+6588133999 R008089Z
1st Runner-Up NICOLE WU
+6598440992 R011935D
2nd Runner-Up MELVIN GE
+6583386618 R006941A
4th Position JENNIFER TAN
+6596830022 R007556Z
5th Position ALVIN KOH
6597969040 R043212E
6th Position STAN LEE
+6596460337 R029863A
7th Position LYNN LOH
6581267855 R045709H
8th Position NIGEL CHENG
+6592365109 R008171C Dedication.Trust.Professionalism
9th Position JON YAP
6592778800 R007586A
10th Position VICTOR SONG
6598801897 R017457F
Top Project Assist (International)
Champion ANNIE KOH
+6594754948 R050301D
1st Runner-Up -
2nd Runner-Up -
4th Position -
5th Position -
Top Recruiters
+6594528798 R055099C
1st Runner-Up IVAN LAM
+6587484381 R058748Z
2nd Runner-Up DANIEL TEU
+6596944971 R018289G
4th Position JODY TAN
+6590668276 R057526J
5th Position ALVIN LIEW
6598797489 R056031Z
Top Producers
Champion Zhan Lin
6583381444 R055470J
1st Runner-Up RHEA NEO
6591469128 R013267I
2nd Runner-Up STAN CHUNG
+6592292232 R008045H
4th Position ANDY HUANG
6596641957 R055691F
5th Position STAN LEE
+6596460337 R029863A
6th Position ERNEST TAY
+6591135055 R053562E
7th Position JO TAN
6596851244 R014173B
8th Position DANNY LIM
6592259009 R007481D
9th Position JEROME SUN
+6591507697 R051450D
10th Position ALICIA XU
+6584844777 R014519C
11th Position DAVIN SAMUEL
+6598620769 R008423B
12th Position TERENCE SOON
+6583838310 R017801F
13th Position DESMOND NG
6591808883 R007711B Understand the needs of our customers... put customers at the heart of everything we do...
14th Position MICHELLE GOH
+6596567255 R018560H
15th Position JEREME PUNG
+6584810331 R056138C
16th Position LINDA LOH
+6591154800 R007880A
17th Position ANGIE LUA
18th Position JESSICA LOH
+6593272699 R058074D
19th Position MALCOLM WONG
+6587527200 R058887G
20th Position JACK PANG S Y
+6596866000 R024348I
21st Position JASMINE LIN
6594244999 R042970A
22nd Position TIFFANY CAI
+6590083020 R058283F
23rd Position PETER YAO
6591171673 R010480B
24th Position ANGIE SIM
6591144548 R048097I
25th Position WAN YEN YEN
+6591919110 R050747H
26th Position JAESON LIN
+6586155777 R058073F
27th Position ANGELA LEE
+6581831244 R017467C
28th Position EILEEN LIM
+6596320900 R018886J
29th Position KEN TEO
6594563529 R053648F
30th Position JOEL WONG
+6592335425 R041660Z
31st Position ADRIAN TAN
+6593395113 R008222A
32nd Position JESS KOK
6597942821 R017398G
33rd Position JUDY CHONG
+6591441139 R056295I
34th Position SERENA YEO
+6596249977 R032497G Buy Sell Rent invest Manage Secretariat
35th Position ERIC SEE
+6596685856 R051602G
36th Position DOMINIC NG
6594877834 R046310A
37th Position ANDREW BOO
+6591131111 R008019I
38th Position JUVENA PHUNG
6598004006 R002119B
39th Position ALOYSIUS TOH
+6590065508 R058449I
40th Position MIKE TAY
+6597455178 R042367C
41st Position YEE HOCK BOON
+6587222278 R045038G
42nd Position EDDIE CHENG
+6596806722 R006950J
43rd Position IRENE HO
+6583239068 R057434E
44th Position FRANCIS LIAU
6598184107 R000313E
45th Position LINA TAN
+6596360454 R018992A
46th Position MICHAEL GOH
6597511939 R049589E
47th Position KELLY KAY
+6581261516 R002630E
48th Position LIZBETH ANG
6594527189 R007553E
49th Position PAMELA LUA
+6582038585 R058280A
50th Position VINCENT LAU
+6593684420 R049557G