Retail Leasing

The Huttons Retail Leasing team connects you to the best commercial real estate most suited for your business needs. Whether it is a retail shop, restaurant, lifestyle store or entertainment club that you intend to lease, sell or buy, the Huttons Retail Leasing team is well-positioned to be your strategic partner in all areas of commercial real estate.

The Huttons Retail Leasing team adopts a holistic approach in every project and assignment, and endeavours towards desired outcomes through a comprehensive study of every client’s needs and requirements, vis-à-vis the operating macro and micro environments within the domestic market and industry domain. Our workplans and strategies are highly customised to every client’s unique situation and expectations.

Email us ( today for more information on how the Huttons Commercial Leasing team can assist in your business real estate needs.

Scope of Services offered:
1. Market Analytics
2. Site Evaluation & Selection
3. Tenant & Landlord Representation
4. Marketing Strategy & Campaign
5. Lease Administration